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Quality Care for a Quality Life


Our Staff

We are dedicated to offering the absolute best care. We understand the unique needs of each resident and work to provide 24-hour tailored care. Our registered nurses act as the middleman between the hospital, our residents, and their families. They closely monitor the health of the residents and discuss their needs with physicians. We bring our residents the care they need. As well as supporting the medical needs of our residents, our caregivers offer the necessary assistance needed for daily activities. They offer emotional support, building relationships as a part of the Clara Care Home family. 
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Personalized Activity​​

We value pursuing the best quality of life until the very end. We encourage our residents to stay mentally and physically engaged on a regular basis. Our activity managers have carefully designed SMART exercise, a set small routines to get our seniors physically active at a comfortable level that does not put too much strain on their bodies. In addition to these exercises, we hold several fun activities throughout the day such as games, singing, reading, and coloring. Our volunteers help devise new recreations for our residents, such as musical performances or light dancing. 

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