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About Clara Care Home 

Clara Care Homes are the ideal living facility for your loved ones. Our assisted living facilities offer an atmosphere where residents can preserve the best quality of life. Our caregivers are available 24/7 to attend to the needs of the residents and assist with the several services that we offer. Click here to view services >>

Our facilities are equipped with extensively trained staff who have an abundance of experiences working in care facilities. Our staff work with the common goal of keeping our residents happy and healthy; our activity managers design activities to keep the minds and bodies of dementia residents in the best shape while our registered nurses closely monitor the health of our clients. Together, we tackle all aspects of care. Our faculty is prepared to navigate you and your loved ones through the journey of aging. 

Cherry Blossoms

Our Mission

Finish Life Beautifully

The idea of Clara Care Home stemmed from Okki's experiences working in a skilled nursing home. She could not help but notice that fragile seniors, such as those with dementia, did not appear to belong in a skilled nursing home environment. They required a more home-like atmosphere with people who could care to the daily routines and activities of these seniors. They required more personalized care with attention from people who could give them both physical and emotional support to navigate the final stages of their lives. Thus, Clara Care home was born. Okki manages her care facilities with the ideology of finishing life beautifully. We believe that everyone deserves a happy life thus, our mission is to accomplish "well-dying". Our staff aims to be your support system and help you and your family navigate this very important and personal time. 

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